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Book Reviews

Rev. Dr. Donald G, Miles, senior pastor emeritus, St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Denver, CO

Carlson’s book Fearing God surpasses by far the many other books and articles that I have read over the years on “the fear of the Lord.” All Christians, and especially pastors, will benefit greatly by the wisdom and insight contained in Fearing God.

Rev. Dr. Michael A.L. Eckelkamp, lead pastor, St. John’s & Renewal, Denver

Fearing God is a life-changing and life-giving book. Nathan Carlson winsomely embraces the challenge of explaining the “fear of the Lord” in an encouraging and honest way. The words “Don’t be afraid of God, fear him” are a plumbline for my thinking and now for my living. This book is a must- read for both the courageous pastor as well as the honest Jesus-follower. I am inspired by this excellent book!

Dr. Marty Meyer, founder of YWAM Idaho, author of Epic Faith and Mission Accomplished

Nathan Carlson brings fresh insights to an ancient message that our modern church desperately needs. In Fearing God, you will discover a concept that is vital to our Christian walk yet often neglected or misunderstood. This book provides a course correction that will set you on the path to walk in the favor of God with your eyes fixed on him. I give it my highest recommendation.

Dr. Roger Theimer, pastor and founder of Kids Kount Publishing

Our God is not a one-dimensional character. Likewise, His majesty and mercy are best encountered through several perspectives. Nathan Carlson, in Fearing God, effectively asserts that we have often diminished what it
means to fear God. This viewpoint is foundational in approaching God. Carlson winsomely demonstrates from scripture and illustration that proper awe and godly fear gives us a more robust experience of this God of might and mercy. One cannot read this book without a renewed vigor to fear, love and trust God.

Marty Nystrom, author of Don’t Mess with Moses, composer of many worship songs, including “As the Deer”

Sinners in the hands of an angry God? Or are we swimmers in a vast bottomless sea of hyper-grace? I’ve been mired in both of these extremes. Thank you to my friend Nathan Carlson who brings clarity and scriptural balance to this dichotomy in his book Fearing God. The well-researched wisdom in his writing will help you decide if God is the intimate Abba Father or the awesome Almighty One or both?

Nicholas Seeberger, lead pastor, Church on the Sound, Stony Brook, NY

At a time when the love of God has taken center stage, Nathan Carlson in his book Fearing God uncovers a needed counterpart—the fear of the Lord, which has been largely overlooked and routinely misunderstood. Drawing from the Scriptures, Nathan’s helpful insights and illustrations will challenge, convict, and inspire you to pursue the kind of relationship God desires and blesses. This is a must-read for the twenty-first-century American believer who has embraced the “reckless love of God” and is largely clueless about the fear of the Lord.

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